Ingleton Gala is run by a voluntary body of people forming the Ingleton Gala Committee which is a sub committee of IRCA.

The IRCA - Ingleton Rural Community Association - is a registered charity (England & Wales no: 205089).

Ingleton Gala

The third Saturday in July is Gala day in Ingleton.

Organised by the Ingleton Gala Committee, a sub-committee of the Ingleton Rural Community Association, the Gala has all the elements of a traditional village event with fancy dress,gala procession around the village, crowning of the Gala Queen, sidestalls and entertainment on the Gala Field.

On Gala Night there is fun for all the family in the Ingleborough Community Centre.

Ingleborough Mountain Race

Ingleborough Mountain Race is a huge part of Gala day. Although organised separately it is run as an integral part of the gala.


race start

Start of the Senior Race 2011